I recently captured this trail cam footage of a majestic yet mangy-looking mountain lion above a Los Angeles bay. I’m not sure but it appears to be suffering from mange caused by rodenticides that you may be using to keep the rats out of your garbage, garage and backyard.  Enjoy your backyard but choose your pest-control products wisely so that Nature’s exterminators, like mountain lions, can live to maintain the balance in all of our backyards on  our common home Planet Earth.  

Meet this mountain lion at   – youtube channel……

Mountain Lion - P27 daytime Imovie

For more information go to http://www.mountainlion.org/actionalerts/043014CAab2657/043014CAab2657.asp  

Mountain Lions and the Web of Life 

California Assembly Bill 2657 prohibits the use of rodenticides or products containing certain second-generation anticoagulants in environmentally sensitive areas such as state parks. These harsh chemicals, intended to curb the rodent population, are working their way up the food chain and killing hundreds of wild animals — including wildlife like owls, coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions that can control the rodent population naturally. The bill was signed into law by Governor Brown on September 19, 2015. Though the bill was amended to exempt agricultural activities and federal entities, this legislation is still a much-needed step towards removing poisonous chemicals from our environment. Please choose wildlife-friendly products so that the natural balance of our home planet, and you an your family, can survive and thrive.