Above the megalopolis, beautiful animals roam.

Where wilderness meets city lights, we’re all creatures in our cosmic home. 

What’s so “civil” about civilization anyway,

When clever critters have lived for generations high above the fray?


Whiskers the mountain lion camera-trapped by Jason Klassi

This young cougar appeared on my trail cam ‘like a comet in the night sky’ on Thanksgiving.  Hopefully “Comet”, a neighbor of #P45, will also survive and thrive in the mountains above Los Angeles. #mountainlionfoundation #savelacougars

Camera trap images by Jason Klassi, © 2016.

This stealthy juvenile puma crouches in the darkness high above Santa Monica. © 2016 Jason Klassi
Comet the cougar puts its best paw forward in front of my DSLR camera. © 2016 Jason Klassi